Immigration Legal Services
Because immigration matters are complex and are done according to a case-by-case basis, refugees and asylees in need of such services should always be referred to local agencies with personnel who are accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Such representatives are authorized to assist clients with routine USCIS paperwork. Misinformation abounds in the realm of immigration services (such as erroneous information that paying a larger fee for the service will net better results). Offices with BIA accredited officials most often operate on a sliding fee scale and/or have fees offset thru grants to help clients cover the cost so that clients can maintain documents and status in proper order. The following link provides a list of non-profit legal service providers in Alameda County.
List of BIA accredited legal service organizations in Alameda County

United States Customs and Immigration Services
This is the official website of USCIS for all immigration matters.


African Advocacy Network: SF COUNTY and surrounding areas


Immigration Advocates Network (IAN)
This is a website to help low income immigrants, refugees, & asylees find free or low cost legal help, with information on more than 900 nonprofit immigration legal service providers in all fifty states. Ability to search nonprofit legal services by state, county, detention facility in English/Spanish. Added ability to find providers by languages spoken and specific areas of legal assistance.


Bay Area Legal Aid


East Bay Community Law Center


Homeless Action Center