New Asylee Checklist [PDF]


Documents Needed for Benefits Applications [DOC]


Social Adjustment Services Referral Form for new Asylees in Alameda County [DOC]


Orientation on Benefits Available to Asylees (See Asylee Orientation USCIS Letter [Doc])

The San Francisco Asylum Office is pleased to host an orientation for individuals who have recently been granted asylum. The orientation will cover important benefits that may be available to you immediately. You are encouraged to attend orientation because there are many details involved in the application process and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Information will be provided on the following temporary benefits:

  • Health & Medical Services
  • Cash Aid
  • Food Stamps
  • Employment Assistance
  • Education
  • Immigration and other legal issues

The orientation will be presented in English, and you are encouraged to bring an interpreter if necessary.

Upcoming Asylum Orientation dates:

Friday, 1/8/2016
Friday, 2/5/2016
Friday, 2/26/2016
Friday, 3/25/2016
Friday, 4/22/2016
Friday, 5/20/2016
Friday, 6/17/2016
Friday, 7/15/2016
Friday, 8/12/2016
Friday, 9/9/2016
Friday, 10/7/2016
Friday, 11/18/2016
Friday, 12/16/2016
Friday, 1/13/2017

Starting promptly at 1:15 p.m. – 3:30 pm.

San Francisco Asylum Office
450 Golden Gate Ave. 2nd floor meeting room
San Francisco, CA 94102

Please bring identification, this notice, and your Asylum Approval letter or IJ grant letter to gain admittance.

There are parking garages in close proximity. Please arrange for a parking accommodation that will not require you to leave mid-session.

As an asylee, you may be eligible for important refugee benefits. You should apply for these benefits NOW as many of them are temporary and must be requested within a certain time from the date of asylum. To apply for benefits, please search on the internet with the name of your county and “refugee services.” For example, search “San Francisco County Services” if you live in San Francisco County.


This information has been cross-posted from SF-DPH Newcomers Health Program